Submissions will open again in 2025! In the meantime you can check out the winning projects on our winner page.


Junge Grafik recognizes innovative, diverse and exceptional graphic design created during a student’s education and training. The biennial Junge Grafik Award was created for both apprentices and students across Switzerland. The 30 winners will be nominated by a renowned jury and awarded their prize at the ceremony event. All winning entries will be featured on this website and in a printed publication – providing the prize winners with an ideal platform to promote their work.

→ Participation

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    La participation est ouverte aux étudiant·es en graphisme CFC en entreprise ou dans une école de maturité professionnelle ; aux étudiant·es d’une haute école spécialisée (Bachelor en communication visuelle / graphisme) ou en formation professionnelle supérieure (Designer ES en communication visuelle).

    Grafiklernende EFZ in einem Betrieb oder an einer Fachklasse Grafik; Studierende an einer Fachhochschule (BA-Studiengang Visuelle Kommunikation / Graphic Design) oder in der Höheren Berufsbildung (dipl. Gestalterin / dipl. Gestalter HF).

    Apprendisti grafici AFC presso un’azienda o presso una scuola di arte applicata; studenti di una scuola universitaria professionale (corso BA in comunicazione visiva / graphic design) o in una formazione professionale superiore (designer dipl. SSS).

  • All levels of education (except master’s degree)
  • All years of study and training
  • Students from across Switzerland
  • Both group and individual work
  • All genres of visual communication and graphic design
  • Work completed within the last two school years

→ Submission

  • Our biennial award opens submission again in 2025.

→ Prize

  • Winners will receive a certificate and a bag filled with great prizes such as typefaces, magazines, books, vouchers and much more! Most importantly: All the winning projects will be displayed in a publication and will be uploaded to the winner page on our website.

→ Costs

  • CHF 20 (contribution per project)

→ Award ceremony / Afterparty

  • At the ceremony and the afterparty the winners have the chance to network with other leading graphic designers.

→ Publication

  • The 2023 Junge Grafik publication offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into this years edition, the works of the 30 winners and the meticulous selection process. Across 120 visible pages (and a few discreetly hidden ones), the publication unfolds in 4 acts, narrating a curated story that features some of the project’s most important actresses and actors such as the jury, the celebrated winners and a selection of esteemed patrons and sponsors.

    Order your copy – here and now!

→ Platform

  • The winning entries will be featured on this website and shared on our social media channels.

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